Engineered Wood Flooring

Feel one of Woodpecker Flooring real wood floors under your foot and get taken back to a woodland setting, with the scents and sounds of the forest on the air.

Woodpecker Flooring love the sense of being close to nature that wood flooring brings to the home.

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V4 Wood Flooring is a family run business based in the South of England. We provide quality hardwood flooring for the UK and international markets in factories across the world.

V4 Quality Guaranteed All V4 Woodflooring’s quality hardwood floors are covered by a 35 year guarantee so we think its worth getting expert advice to help you choose the right floor for your home.

V4 Woodflooring are committed to the environment and always looking for new ways to lessen the impact the flooring industry has on the environment.

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All Elegance Wood Flooring is manufactured from premium materials and utilises the highest quality raw lumber.

The variety and uniqueness of Elegance Wood Flooring's exotic collections invite you to fashion a dramatic, artistic, personal statment with the floors.

All of Elegance Wood Flooring floor's are pre-finished, precision engineered and carries a 25 year warranty, plus a lifetime structual warranty.

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Furlong’s hardwood floors are taken from trees of great beauty and age, sourced from forests across Europe. Many of these trees have been nurtured throughout generations, planted by Great, Great Grandfathers, and cared for over the past 100 years.

Furlong Wood Flooring takes most of woods from the huge forests of Europe, taking advantage of the variety and quality of the oak trees that are grown there. Furlong take part in sustainable forest management and attach particular importance to the traceability of our floors.

We stock and install the full Furlong range.

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Quality wood flooring in oak, walnut and other wood species in multiple designs.

Wood is the most eco-friendly, beautiful and versatile flooring material there is. That’s why Kährs only work with wood. Few materials can add as much warmth and atmosphere as wood. It softens the most minimalistic designs, while accentuating the mood of a more traditional interior. And although trends may come and go, quality and true style never goes out of fashion. That’s why a wood floor from Kährs will always be the perfect choice.

Kährs is the oldest wood floor manufacturer in the world still in operation, with a history dating back to 1857. It is also the most innovative, with a tradition of leading the development of the modern parquet floor.

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