Quick Step

From £16.99

In addition to single-plank designs, the demand for floors with multiple bonded strips is on the rise. With the Creo range, Quick-Step managed to perfectly bring the width of the strips in line with the unique character and style of each wood type.


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From £23.99

Classic is more than just a laminate floor. In this range you will find a combination of relationships between colour and style and a natural look and feel. The soft natural tones of this oak design are the perfect complement to classic interiors that use white tones. This floor has an extra matt finish, giving it a very natural look and feel.

Traditional laminate floor.
Stylish range of designer colours.
Realistic impression edges.

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From £24.99

Elite floors with subtle edges are elegant and stylish and because the planks join together seamlessly - like all Quick-Step floors - there is never any dust or dirt between the joints.


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From £19.99

Exquisa is an innovative plank floor with a tactile surface structure and large planks that are available in four different looks. You will discover one, two or three separate tiles per plank thanks to the subtle cross joints. The multi-pattern version goes even further with extra deep joints that create an attractive interplay of lines, showing off your floor to full advantage.


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From £28.49

Impressive is a collection of laminate floors that looks and feels exceptionally natural. The planks’ authentic wood grains, for example, are perfectly reflected into the floor’s joints as well.


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From £44.99

The Quick-Step Majestic' brings you the longest, widest and most luxurious floors in the Quick-Step collection. Thanks to their extra-large format, natural look and unique water-resistant technology, they are the perfect choice to create a truly majestic interior.


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From £21.99

The Perspective collection is characterised by a perfect balance between plank length and plank width. The characteristic grooves of these solid planks floors will expand the optical perspective of your interior.


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From £40.49

Impressive Ultra offers you the first waterproof laminate flooring in stunning designs that are so true to nature thanks to the unique bevel technology. With its water-resistant HydroSeal coating, it is perfect for kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms.

Protective and water repellent HydroSeal coating.
Ultra durable 12mm thick planks.
Genuine and innovative bevel, the wood grain, colour and structure of the planks blend seamlessly.
Very true to nature.

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From £38.99

Largo planks are special – in fact they are the longest and widest planks in our range – and they’ll make your room special too. At more than 2 metres long, they exude class and quality.

The longest and widest selection of Quick-Step laminate planks.
Long planks give depth and create an extra sense of space.
No design repeats on the planks.
Colour variation between the various planks for that natural effect.

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