Our ranges grow every month. We guarantee to have carpets to fit every budget. We have sales and discounts on ranges on a continuous basis.

We have carpets and prices to meet the demands of all family members. Extensive ranges that include Bleach Cleanable, Aqua Tech, Non Allergenic and Moth Proof We have experienced fitters on our team with over 40 year experience.

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Laminate flooring is a hard wearing floor, and a perfect long lasting option for family homes. We offer a range of styles in light, medium or dark finishes. Laminate flooring is easy to clean, with stains and spills easy to wipe away.


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Engineered Wood Flooring is a type of hardwood flooring which is composed of multiple layers of timber stuck together, and then finished with a layer of hardwood lamella. Our range offers a variety and uniqueness of Engineered Wood Floors.

Few materials can add as much warmth and atmosphere as wood. It softens the most minimalistic designs, while accentuating the mood of a more traditional interior.

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Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) if a vinyl flooring that is designed to imitate beautifully authentic appearance of various types of stone or tile. LVT is ideal for commercial and residential sectors. you can create a floor that’s unique to your home and guaranteed to last for years to come.
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Vinyl flooring has made huge advancements in recent years with the product now massively in demand. Vinyl flooring is functional easy to clean low maintenance.

We offer vinyl flooring to suit all needs from budget to luxury lines. Suitable for all rooms with a wide range of styles including plain, wood, stone, tile, mosaic and children’s ranges. The ranges also include embossed finishes and textures.

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